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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Secretary of State & Fashion Expert

Condi has been part of the Bush administration for over six years now, and she has hardly anything to show for it. That all changed last week. Condoleezza Rice has made Vanity Fair's International Best-Dressed list. And people criticized her when she went shoe-shopping in New York City instead of helping all those poor people in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. If she didn't buy all those expensive shoes, then she might not have made the Vanity Fair list.

Condi is working hard at her next big achievement; becoming a world renown musician. It is true. While the Middle East burns and people are getting slaughtered, she decided to play classical piano at the annual Association of Southeast Asian Nations dinner in Malaysia.

Before her big Vanity Affair achievement, she had something else in her name prior to becoming Secretary of State; an oil tanker. They actually named an oil tanker after her. That is pretty much the biggest achievement one can fulfill; unless you're George W. Bush and your goal in life was to invade Iraq.


  • I do not believe Ms. Rice and the Bush Administration will bring any lasting peace to the Middle East. To date the foreign policy record of the Bush Administration is to build a democracy in Palestine that they ran away from because the people elected "terrorists." In Iraq, the US Military combined with the Iraq Military can not stop the terror and violence in Iraq - but the Rice Plan calls for Lebanon to disarm Hizbollah. The outcome - another civil war in another budding democracy?

    Hard to make peace work if one does not include Hizbollah. Hard to make peace work if one does not include Iran. The current war has increased Hizbollah's standing, so Hizbollah may indeed control the Lebanon government in the future, and thereby control the Lebanon military - that should be a comfort to Israel. Former President Carter, who does have a record of some peace progress, does not give the Bush administration any brownie points.

    By Blogger RoxieAmerica, at 6:28 PM  

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