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Friday, August 04, 2006

MISSING: Fox News' Sources

On Fox News this morning, sometime around 9am EST, there was a headline on the screen that said something like: "REPORT: IRAN PAYING $1000 TO FAMILY MEMBERS OF DEAD HEZBOLLAH FIGHTERS". There was no mention of the source of that report. I searched for the report and found nothing.

This is starting to smell fishy, just like the guest they had on Fox and Friends a week or two ago. Their guest was giving the Arab point of view. I don't recall her name, but the text on the screen under her name read "Arab News Journalist". During the entire interview, there was no mention of which paper or network she worked for, or contributed to. I should mention this "Arab News Journalist" was white and spoke perfect American-English.

If I find that missing Fox News report from this morning, I will post the link. Or you can just wait and tune into Hannity and Colmes tonight; I am sure the loud mouth will be talking about it.


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