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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Venezuela Now Part of the Axis of Evil?

In the last post I mentioned Neil Cavuto scored another exclusive interview with President Bush. In that interview, Cavuto goes on to ask Bush about Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, and if he considers Chavez a threat to the United States.

CAVUTO: What did you make of that, and what did you make of his travels to countries and leaders who are no fans of yours and the U.S.?

BUSH: You know, what I care about is the Venezuelan people. And you, know, we have good relations with Venezuela for years. And I'm deeply concerned about a government that would undermine the basic fundamentals of democracy. And I would hope that the president of Venezuela invests in his people, that — there's a problem...

It is funny how all the people in the media and our government (including the President), consider Hugo Chavez a dictator and say Venezuela is not a democracy. It appears these people don't have all the complete facts.

Hugo Chavez was democratically elected twice by the people of Venezuela. Isn't one part of a democracy the right to protest? Many anti-Chavez protests take place in Venezuela; would a cold-hearted dictator allow this?

Here is the part that the media doesn't tell you and the part the government doesn't want you to know. This might be shocking to you, but it is once again about oil. Hugo Chavez has been taking more money away from the big oil companies, which doesn't go over too well with the United States government.

The major oil companies that are located inside Venezuela, such as PhillipsConoco, were taking 84% of the profits, which left the country with only 16% from the oil revenue. Chavez had his Congress pass an oil law called the "Law of Hydrocarbons". This law would make it so Venezuela would get 30% of the oil profits, leaving 70% to the big oil companies.

The 30% of oil profits would be used towards Chavez's "Bread and Bricks" plan. This plan would give food and unused land to the poor. So, what does our President have to say about Hugo Chavez and poverty in Venezuela? Here is a piece from Cavuto's August 1st 2006 interview with Bush:

BUSH: I view him as a threat of undermining democracy. And I view him as a threat. You know, I — I — I would — wish he would invest his petrodollars with the people of Venezuela, and give them a chance to, you know, get out of poverty, and give them a chance to realize hopes and dreams.

It is comments like the one above that endangers our democracy and others around the world.

There is one more laughable piece from the interview. It is in regards to Venezuela being a threat to us. Here is the great Neil Cavuto once again:

CAVUTO: Are — are you amazed, Mr. President, in light of all the turbulence in the Middle East, the ongoing Iraq war, threats from Iran, threats from Syria, threats from Hugo Chavez, that the economy has been doing extremely well?

One final thing I would like to add; if Hugo Chavez is an evil dictator, why did he supply low-income families here in Vermont and other north-eastern states with heating oil last Winter?

Sources: Fox News | Greg Palast


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