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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Americans More Critical of DA in JonBenet Case than Bush/Iraq

I was watching the Press Conference about the JonBenet case at noon today, and the District Attorney started out by saying that she has been getting phone calls from angry people in regards to the case. She said one man left a message that said she should actually be tarred and feathered for her failures. How come people didn't get that mad when the facts were out on how the Bush Administration lied us into war? Or how Bush handled Hurricane Katrina? Or how Bush didn't want to form a 9/11 Commission? The list goes on.

It's not just stupid Americans, it's also the media. Where were they when the Bush Administration was on the 'march to war' with Iraq? The media was too busy cheerleading for war. No one questioned it. They kept putting the crooks (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell) on TV after 9/11, so they could try and sell us their war. They got their war, but where is the media now?? They jump on to stories like the JonBenet case, and try and turn the suspected person into a criminal. I am not sticking up for this Karr guy, but the media tends to criminalize any suspects in a high profile case.

Remember the Elizabeth Smart story? The police took in to custody the Smart family's handyman, Richard Ricci, and the media was all over him. They had their experts on TV saying how he did it. I even remember Sean Hannity talking down Ricci, and calling him a scumbag. Well, it turned out that Ricci DIDN'T do it, and he ended up dying of a brain hemorrhage in a Salt Lake City prison. After Elizabeth Smart was found alive and her kidnappers were arrested, I was sickened. It was good news that she was found alive and unharmed, but an innocent man died in prison. I did some research and found that Ricci's wife actually filed a lawsuit against the Salt Lake City Police Department and settled the case for $150,000. In my opinion, the media should have been held accountable too. They tricked everyone into believing that Ricci was the bad guy. When will the media learn? Never, because they are despicable.


  • You have to admit though, that if not for the media Elizabeth Smart would not have been found.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:29 PM  

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